Quotes bt Famous Personalities

Former Minister of Information and Technology Development - Sachin Pilot

I would like to wish the effort and hope for society which had been done by the Taxway Times. Taxway Times - spreading the information about Tax Expenditure and Commerce will prove to be beneficial.

Laughter Champion Winner, - Actor - Sunil Pal

India, which is employed by the club in a variety of recreational, cultural, political objectives are met in real expenditure on the common man still looking for smile while ordinary person today mounting depression / inflation, where the tension is lost in their own life. To live is not something I do not know, but just Hasyam Club in this unique smile it has a wealth of Smiles. Smile in this world is to live life, to live again, to sign autographs for his signature with this greeting only say India's first Live Comedy Club The world is now in the city, and the effort to reach a just Taxway member expenditure Hasyam Just Hats off to u guys.

Women and Child Development Minister - Anita Bhadel

The woman is a vital part of society and for their development and for advancement of women's skills and working development and be aware of the relative current education needs. Taxway Times provides the platform for this endeavor. I congratulate you ;Taxway - Times.

Education Minister - Vasudev Devnani

The country will only progress when its people will progress and it was not possible without the awareness and I am thankful to Taxway Times for this awareness campaign, the financial and legal information being brought to the public.