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About Taxway - An Introduction

Taxway was Conceived in the year 2002 with an objective to simplify the tax by making it customer friendly and easy. Taxation Laws & regulation are very complex and confusing not only for a layman but sometimes it becomes tedious for the more informed citizens as well. The Founder of Taxway, Mr.Niranjan Mahawar Identified this very gap in the process and thought of creating which will help and guide individual , companies or anyone seeking help in matters of taxation.

To make the Taxation system easy and more customer oriented Mr. Niranjan Mahawar emphasized on spreading Tax awareness among the citizen of India Efforts were made to be available to every possible help seeker in the country to resolve his/her tax related queries. Infusion of technology into the tax filling process was another main area that Taxway Focusses on. The use of software an making the entire process digitized so that it becomes easy to use and quick Taxway in its very first year exhibited that it has a bright future by giving the best services in town Taxway wielded strong impact in the market by giving exceptional services .Taxway has been commendable and always appreciated for its efforts.

Taxway not only providers the finest of services, but it also offers excellent career opportunities. Taxway provides a strong & leading platform in providing solution of all tax related problems in the whole country. The Efforts of expanding the company in a very simple and customer friendly way has paid off and today Taxway has more than 1800 branches across the country. Taxway has a very impressive presence in the rural areas as well as it believes that to make a meaningful contribution in the field of taxation, it has to touch each and every corner of India.

Taxway group is playing an important role in generating revenue for the government of India. Slowly and steadily the reach and customer base of Taxway has increased and the need was felt to provide Additional support to its customers, both internal and external . More and more research was felt to provide additional support to its customers, both internal and external. More the research, less the dependency on external and uncontrollable Factors, in providing services to its customers.

In an efforts to become self-reliant and more customer oriented, multiple services were added to the taxway group to support its endeavor simply to the industry and today taxway group has more than 20 companies under its umbrella.

  • Vision :-Simplification of the taxation process for the citizens of India being a firm bridge between them and the government with and being recognized as a professional organization, collecting resources efficiently, considerate towards its clients, adapting, improving and promoting voluntary compliance and growing internationally.
  • Mission :-By 2020 - Spreading awareness in every town and city with more than 10 thousand branches and more than 25 lakhs beneficiaries acting as resilient support system.
  • Value :-
  1. Coaching : - We are an organization with strong belief in spreading tax awareness in the society.
  2. Credibility : -Demonstrate knowledge and create trust in others and create trust in others through continuous research, innovation & creativity.
  3. Collaboration : -Committed to enabling everyone in understanding and realizing their true potential through various platforms for growth.
  4. Excellence : -Pursue highest quality in providing services excellence.

Who are we?

"Taxway is India's largest Tax Consultancy Company."

Taxway has set new standards in the field of tax consultancy, at present taxway is providing with the most basic products such as pan card, itr return, T.D.S refund & submission, GST, tax-free investment advice etc are being provided by the professionals at the minimal cost and not only by providing the best services , Taxway is providing excellent job opportunities . In Taxway's success more than 200000 people and 10000+ branches have given their contribution. Taxway with the help of its team is able, to provide, to the rural level and to the common people the basic products such as-

  • Pan Card
  • |
  • Income Tax Return
  • |
  • GST
  • |
  • T.D.S. Return & Deposits
  • |
  • Trade & Business Registration
  • |
  • All types of tax consultancy
Tax way is known not only in form of tax consultant but also it has created its own identity through its other organization in the country.


Other organizations of Taxway are:

  • Taxway Times News Paper (News paper related to tax, commerce & banking)
  • Taxway Financial Corporation
  • Taxway College
  • Taxway Pro
  • E-Tax-Way Plan
  • Taxway Foundation (organization devoted to social service)
  • Justhasyam Club(P) Ltd.
  • Tag Eleven Softech(P) Ltd.
  • Hello My Job Placement Services
  • Ajmer Literary Society

Above organizations are leading to achieve their goals through their special efforts.


Board Members

Mr. Mohan Lal Mahawar
Chairman of Taxway group
Mr. Niranjan Kumar
Founder and C.E.O.
Mr. Girish Tak
Director of IT Taxway group