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Kind Attention, Dear All Branches, please make all your payments in company accounts, do not make any cash payment to BDM's or any other persons . In Case of payment made by you to any other person and that payment did not deposited in Taxway's bank account then Taxway is not responsible for the same. || For Software Login  Click Here Contact to Customer 78-7777-8888 Please run this Website on Mozilla Firefox . For August Offer Click Here know more. 


Registered No.

Sr. No. Service Registered No.
1 Company Ltd.\ Business Registration UU74140RJ2013NPL041214
2 Income Tax Sector Registration U10000-0000000245
3 Tax Sector Registration U74140RJ2009PTC029450
4 Co-Operative Banking Registration U3333/10
5 Journalism Registration RAJHIN/2010/32740
6 Insurance Sector Registration 5177900
7 Educational Sector Registration U80302RJ2011PRC035909
8 E-Commerce / E-Services Registration U72900RJ2005PTC021743
9 Postal Registration RJ/AJ/135/2010-12
10 Club Registration U92190RJ2012PTC037784
11 IT Sector Registration U72200RJ2010PTC031445
12 College Trust Registration BN4/VN100/P100/2013000066

Registered Name of Govt. Registered Website
Advanced Taxway Services Ltd.
Advanced Taxway Consultancy (P).Ltd.
Taxway Times (National News Paper)
Taxway College Educational Foundation
Daily Deal
Hello My Job Placement Services
Tag Eleven Softech (P) Ltd.
Study Planet Innovative Education (P) Ltd.
Marketing help
Ajmer Literary Society
Accentuate E-Services (P) Ltd.
Just Hasyam club (P) Ltd.